Atelier Etcetera

Das Bleibende ist das Flüchtige

Michèle Yves Pauty, Denise Schindele, Laura Sperl, Josefin-Marie-Christin Sternbauer

inbetween yesterday and tomorrow lies the process of change that is happening in the present. when is it that we are truly alive? what shapes the self? how do we define what we are? a conceptual, performative and poetic approach to an exhibition inbetween body and mind, manifested in metamorphosis and transience.

Exhibition period:
08. – 11.09.2022

Opening hours:
Thu – Sun 11:00 – 19:00

Opening: 09.09.2022 18:00
Performance by Kiki House of Dive: 09.09.2022 20:00

Matznergasse 32, im Hof, 1140 Wien

Atelier Etcetea is a synthesis of atelier, workshop and exhibition space. A space for encounter, contemplation, resonance + creation. An interface for humans + materiality, that encourages experimenting, designing, discarding, rethinking.


Schattenbelichtung I, 2018 – 2020, Foto: Laura Sperl

Untitled [das grosse gestern], 2022, Serra de Conti, Foto: Michèle Yves Pauty

Infinite corporality, 2017-2022, Foto: Josefin-Marie-Christin Sternbauer