Christoph Gorka & Frances Stusche

Hazy Days

In September 2021 Frances Stusche and Christoph Gorka travel over 3000 km by car across the Balkan. Inspired by the feeling of living in former communist countries and by looking thoughtfully at simple things, it forges relationships among objects found along the journey and creates an ambiguous and open depiction of life in the Balkans. The series is designed as a reflection on tradition and the effects of (hyper-) tourism.



Frances Stusche is an artist & designer, studying Graphic Design at University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Photographer Christoph Gorka graduated from Friedl Kubelka School for Fine Art Photography. Both are part of the creative collective VISU Studio.




Blue Lagoon [Hazy Days], 2021, Durrës

Red Caps [Hazy Days], 2021, Shkodër