Erli Grünzweil

Consider Things

„CONSIDER THINGS“ is an exploration of the relationship between things and humans. Destroyed things serve as a starting point to pay attention to what is seen as unproductive in the affluent society of the Global North. At a time when information is becoming increasingly important, a new perspective on the material world opens up. Fragments not far away from a capitalist and consumerist everyday life become surreal and dreamlike. A fiction emerges that condenses situations and conditions. „CONSIDER THINGS“ invites to look for connections and discover new things.



Erli Grünzweil is based in Vienna. He creates a surreal world of images that deal with social, political and personal themes. In his practice he always tries to link everything together to find new perspectives and shapes.



Untitled [Consider Things], 2022

Untitled [Consider Things], 2022

Untitled [Consider Things], 2022