Isabella Simon

Because the night…

…belongs to lovers.

My series presents a countermovement to censorship on social media. Exhibition spaces don’t have those limitations and they open photographic possibilities by the display of nipples, naked butts, gender neutral body hair and promiscuous bodies in a sensual counter play with the viewer in order to give an idea of free sexuality. The photos are exclusively shot on analog film, to show an uncensored view on the wonderful imperfections of the protagonists.



Bella Simon has been working as a photographer in Vienna, mostly documentary style for magazines as well as a stills photographer for films and music videos. Portraits are also her passion looking for raw and real moments of life.



Pimmelgate [Because the night...], 2021, Wien

Orlando [Because the night...], 2021, Model: Hana Trybula, Styling: Julia Trybula, Creative film concept: Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt und Michael Vaccaro

OMG its a nipple [Because the night...], 2021, Wien