Loïc Laforge

Dans le Silence

Twelve years of conjugal life in terror for her and her children. My mother finds a loophole translating distress and despair. Christmas 1996. Divorce.

In the rush of interrogations, separations and prohibitions, negatives stay in a drawer. My mother wants them, my father refuses, my sister steals them.

Years later I scan all those negatives. A lack of early personality structuring by constructive experiences of childhood don´t allow taking note of the traumatic event immediately. This project is the result of a long personal process of post-traumatic growth. Reconstructing a chaotic family journey through the images, that bring us back to the first use of the word „resilience“ in a psychological context. Testimony creating an intimate representation of domestic and parental violence.




Mainly influenced by documentary photography, Loïc graduated at the Neue Schule fur Fotografie in Berlin in 2017. He has since focused his work on the theme of Childhood. Today his new project highlights domestic and parental violence.



Dans le Silence, 2021, France

Dans le Silence, 2021, France

Dans le Silence, 2021, France