Luka Prijatelj


Drawing parallels between the historical exploration of color phenomena and the development of the photographic medium, „Traces” renders a direct imprint of vibrant colors on photographic film and paper, using only light, glass prism, and light-sensitive materials. By exploring Photographic materiality and its narrative structures, Luka Prijatelj embraces the boundaries of the medium as his space of interest. Combining different approaches and technical means, he creates works that blend together experimentation as well as more traditional photographic language. Prijatelj developed an interest in this approach at the academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Peter Rauch.



Luka Prijatelj is a photographer based in Ljubljana Slovenia. He studied at the academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. He currently explores the photographic medium in its most elementary form.



ur-phenomena [Traces], 2019, Ljubljana

Trace #1 [Traces], 2018, Ljubljana

Trace #1 [Traces], 2017, Ljubljana