Manu Gruber


The ongoing series „Pflug“ was started in the winter months earlier this year – at the time of the year when the nights seem to last longer than the days. In associative images, the series deals with the breaking of a mental block and the consequent discovery of inner images on the outside. „Pflug“ currently consists of 12 black and white photographs and is conceived in pairs of images. Not looking to define a story for the viewer, they instead offer a subjective, associative approach to leave room for one to define themselves.



Manu Gruber (born 1983) is a german-italian photographer currently based in Berlin, Germany. In her personal work she deals primarily with topics surrounding the origins of families, is interested in memory, as well as the visualization of inner images.



Pflug, 2022

Pflug, 2022

Pflug, 2022