Ness Rubey


Ness Rubey is a conceptual photographer from Austria. In a striking and colorful way, she reveals both: the beauty and dissonances of our society.   „Alibi Vegetables“ – pet the dog and eat meat. By petting the dog while eating too much meat, people started to forget about the animal itself. In her work „Alibi Vegetables“ Ness Rubey deals with the imbalance between meat and vegetables on people’s plates. Fewer vegetables next to a bunch of meat. As long as people don’t see the living being behind their meat, they don’t care anymore. What remains on our plates are the so called „Alibi Vegetables“ – for our good conscience.



In 2012, Ness Rubey started her career as a professional photographer. Since 2019 she dedicates herself to conceptual photography. With her literal storytelling, she gives food for thought about difficult topics and hidden beauty.



Alibi-Gemüse, 2022, Linz