Rea von der Liszt

Between Naive and Wise

„Between Naive and Wise“ represents the adolescent period when we are neither children nor adults. The short time when everything suddenly feels so much bigger and more intense than usual. This project was a photographic journey into the past years of school. I meet with younger people who are in that very phase and follow their day, their feelings and friendships. A glimpse into the time when I first discovered myself and the people who helped me along the way.



Rea von der Liszt was born in Vienna in 2001. After graduating from die „Graphische Wien“ (2016-2021), she then studied applied photography at the University of Applied Arts Vienna from 2021 on.


Metas Zimmer [Between Naive and Wise], 2021, Wien

Ohne Titel [Between Naive and Wise], 2021, Wien

Sami [Between Naive and Wise], 2021, Wien