Ronja Burkard

Max Mustermann

One situation out of many: I enter the room and think about who is sitting where at the table. Who is spreading, and how so? Who speaks loudly, and who doesn’t? We Dance. I feel a heaviness. A heaviness that comes from too many thoughts, and the thoughts are so loud that just being there feels wrong. I want to forget about my surroundings, yet still be responsive to everyone else. How am I appearing to my fellow human beings? What is being said by my looks? How much space am I taking up? I am reluctant in this moment to be in my body— one that reads as ‘male’—I would like to dissolve or hide. I desire a space in which gender roles can be rethought. A space where my privileges, as a white, straight, cis man, would also apply to all others.



Ronja (born 1996, she/her) is an artist and freelance photographer based in Basel, Switzerland. After her bachelor in visual communication with the focus on image, she worked two years in the field of book design.



Ronja Burkard - Untitled, 2021 [Max Mustermann]

Untitled, 2022

Untitled, 2022