Steven Natusch

What will be different Tomorrow?

“He tried, to hold on to the wind between his fingertips to remind himself that it was not important if the meaning was tangible for him. Finding presence in absence is a process which helps him understand, what nothingness means to him.” War, pandemics and rapid technological developments in all areas of life are confronting me with my own question for the Importance of existence. I am searching for connections within the world, while at the same time I’m escaping them. But humankind determines its own being. Man is a human, being without content, writes Giorgio Agamben. But isn’t the perhaps never-ending search for meaning, at last, the condition that gives rise to it in the first place?



Steven Natusch (born 1993 in Berlin) studied photography (BA) in Dortmund and Lisbon. In his works he negotiates questions and trains of thought on the perception of time as well as on emotional states, which revolve around his personal environment.


[What will be different Tomorrow?], 2022

[What will be different Tomorrow?], 2022

[What will be different Tomorrow?], 2022