Daniel Hill

The essence of self-portrait photography is performative – a form of art that captures moments during a performance by the photographer themselves. As both the exhibitionist (model) and voyeur (photographer), the performer must ask themselves: are they reflective, examining themselves as the world sees them; or expressive, showing the world how they see themselves or wish to be seen. In this collection of self-portraits, I perform for my camera intimations of myself: how I see myself, how I wish the world sees me, and (sometimes) a reflection of how the world might see me. Through this, I explore my gender expression, sexuality, emotions, and anxiety – sometimes overtly, sometimes more subtly. Always present is the relationship between my body and societal conceptions of masculinity, femininity, queerness and beauty.

Exhibition period:
08. – 10.09.2022

Opening hours:
Thu – Sat 18:00 – 22:00
Sun 11.09.2022 by arrangement

Opening: 08.09.2022 18:00 – 22:00

Westbahnstraße 25, 1070 Wien

Fortuna is a non-profit art and culture association in the Westbahnstraße. Spontaneous and free access is important. Anyone who wants to exhibit can do so there. This makes Fortuna an underground venue and insider tip in Vienna’s art scene. Free the Art, free the people.



Untitled [Intimation], 2021, Wien, Foto: Daniel Hill