Dort wo sie ruhen

Flora Fee Mayrhofer, Rea von der Liszt, Oskar Ott, Roozbeh Gholami, Matthew Gerges

Digitization made it possible for us to take photos anytime and anywhere, we are constantly creating new pictures that are sometimes more or less planned. But what happens to all the pictures nobody sees? The images that rest in unknown depths on our storage media. Photographers are focusing this question as part of the group exhibition “Dort wo sie ruhen” (where they rest) and get pictures back from the depths of their archives, from the cloud of their countless phone photos or from the trashbin and give these pictures a new opportunity to develop and communicate with each other.

Exhibition period:
06. – 11.09.2022

Opening: 06.09.2022 19:00 artists present , DJ-Sets from 21:00 on

Franz Emerich Gasse 6 Top 1, 1120 Wien

OK6 is a small off-space for art and photography in the 12th district. The place interacts between studio and exhibition space.


Foto: Oskar Ott

Foto: Roozbeh Gholami

Foto: Rea von der Liszt