A grand tour around Odys lake

Saturday 10.09.2022 17:00 – 18:00

Talk with Jörg Koopmann

Festival Headquarters (GREEN DOOR artists space & gallery, Kempelengasse 8, 1100 Vienna)

Munich-based Jörg Koopmann is a photographer between many fields, curator, consultant, photo book junkie, author and “photography therapist”. In a lecture he researches on hidden pearls from his archive, talks about outdated, current and unsettled projects and strolls in circles to many hard and soft points of authorphotography and its scope. He will bring his books “Born in Brennen” and “cat seen” and many other publications to Vienna.



All Cornflowers Are Beautiful (ACAB), 2022, München, Foto: Jörg Koopmann

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