Alltag Nr. 2 2022: Print Release

Sunday 11.09.2022 10:00 – 20:00

Release with Lisa Eder & Fekry Helal
10:00 – 20:00

Reading with Andrea Habith
14:00 – 15:00

Festival Headquarters (GREEN DOOR artists space & gallery, Kempelengasse 8, 1100 Vienna)

Alltag – German for “the everyday” – is an ongoing, experimental and multidisciplinary research project about nothing special. Literally. Composed of objects, processes, matters of fact, people and environments are being explored in view of their link to the supposedly normal.

Against this backdrop (and for the second time) contributions from various disciplines and media have been created, curated and worked into a contemporary newsprint publication. A reason to celebrate.

For the official release we are looking forward to launch with stories from the everyday: Artist and author Andrea Habith will be reading from her “Column of Cuboid and Pendulum”, a text series that pours time of an afternoon in a faraway city into a square frame and makes its passing appear in attenuating moves by a swing of the other side of the skyscraper. A squared pleasure that is followed by deflection in the story that eventually leaves the upper floor with questions like “Who is Sal?” or “Why did the laundry get entangled in fruit trees all over the city?”.

14,– EUR
32 pages, 28,5×40 cm, 60 g/qm recycling papier


Amelie Bachfischer
Liza Borovskaya-Brodskaya
Matthias Castorph
Florian Flicker
Andrea Habith
Susanna Hofer
Naïma Mazić
Julian Müller
Thomas Renoldner
Felix Schellhorn (HBB)
Thomas Steineder
Eva Weber
Bettina Willnauer

Published und designed by Lisa Eder and Fekry Helal.



Alltag Nr. 2, 2022, Wien, Foto: Alltag

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