The Tinder Beauty

Sunday 11.09.2022 16:00 – 17:00

Talk with Eylül Aslan

Festival Headquarters (GREEN DOOR artists space & gallery, Kempelengasse 8, 1100 Vienna)

Eylül Aslan will present and sign her photography book “Trompe L’Oeil”.

The project has started in 2016 in Berlin when she was looking through Tinder profiles and realised there was a certain way people chose to show themselves online: Mostly in a better light. The questions appeared: What do these users find beautiful about themselves? And maybe also about others? How do we “curate” our online personas? What’s beauty?

She met men through the app and photographed their favourite and least favourite body parts. She also asked each man the same question about her body and then photographed her own body parts based on what they said.

The talk will be about her experiences working on the project and she will discuss the subjectivity of beauty, photography influencing our dating habits and our search for self love and love for others.



Untitled [Trompe L'Oeil], 2016, Berlin, Foto: Eylül Aslan

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