Apollonia T. Bitzan

2020/2022, Austria, Shortfilm 02:06


No free girl in the meadow jumping around Subjugated, working horses. Without freedom, without choice. Don’t they know that they would be powerful and strong and that they could just run away, blow up everything?

Do they like their yoke?

Do horses love people so much that they stay voluntarily? Old time, new time. hardship, nothing but work all the time terrible conditions, hunger etc.

Without horses, people would be completely screwed/helpless. Horses (constitute): help, anchor, rescue. (But vice versa): what do they (humans) do to the horses? Or do they (horses) not suffer at all and are happy to help? Are horses more philanthropic than humans? Is the human being less phillipan than it should be? This is no fun The horse is no fun Life is no fun Girls, Horses, Wendy, Image, Pony Farm, Forgiveness. The attempt to bring the woman/the girl into a forgiving harmony with art. Wendy, the horse magazine, is the framework for woman’s art that’s for her art for woman in art, women for their art.

Text: Apollonia T. Bitzan X Lydia Haider by Apollonia T. Bitzan, with Apollonia T. Bitzan, Lydia Haider, Julie Bender Herdina


Instagram, Kurzfilm 02:06, 2020/2022, Österreich