Daniel Hill



Fabric – as a source material to create shapes and boundaries to tell a poetic story that explores issues of intimacy, identity, emotion and sexuality as it unfolds. The normally soft, comforting and protective nature of the pink curtains is manipulated to either contrast or complement the emotions or mood of the scene. In the folds and layers, one senses not only strength and confidence, but also softness and vulnerability; not only worry and fear, but also strength and comfort; not only feminine, but also masculine elements.


Born in the USA (1980), I have been living, working and studying in Vienna since 2012. I studied artistic photography at the Friedl Kubelka School (2020/21), while simultaneously pursuing a PhD in Energy Economics at WU Vienna.




Untitled [Series: Stoff], 2020, Wien

Untitled [Series: Stoff], 2020, Wien

Untitled Self Portrait [Series: Stoff], 2021, Wien