Eriko Miyata


„disguise” is about a military strategy called „Reduit” during World War II in Switzerland, which lasted from 1940 to 1944 and led to the construction of numerous bunkers covered with camouflage paint to blend into the mountains. General Henri Guisan, who was responsible for „Reduit”, had the strategy to use the Swiss national myth of „William Tell” to unify the people. He secretly organized the „Rütlirapport” on 25th July 1940 on the „Rütliwiese”, a site important for the Swiss myth, which was intended to communicate the military strategy „Réduit” to the soldiers. My aim is not taking conventional photographs, but reflect the history of myths and states in the sense of Ernst Cassirer’s „The Myth and the State”, which is about the history of convergence of myths and states.



Eriko Miyata was born in 1993. She studied in the Department of Intermedia Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and as a master student at the Fine Arts Department of the Zurich University of the Arts, where she received her MFA in July 2020.



Untitled [disguise] ,2021,Forts San Carlo, Airolo, Switzerland

Untitled [disguise] ,2021,Bürglen, Switzerland

Untitled [disguise] ,2021,Festung Fuchseg, Realp, Switzerland