Laila Schubert


„rauschen” is an examination of the visible and invisible areas of severe (drug) addiction. The work explores public and institutional sites where addiction takes on visible forms. Drug consumption rooms, emergency shelters, police custody, self-help facilities but also places of the open drug scene form the core of the photographic examination. Without drawing attention to the people concerned or making them the object of a clichéd projection, the space itself functions as a reflection of social conditions and involves the viewer in a process of discussion.



In her projects, Laila Schubert (born 1993) examines social structures and political dimensions of urban life and works with the media of photography, books and installation. She works in Berlin and NRW and is active as a curator.



Untitled [rauschen]

Hauseingang [rauschen], 2019, Dortmund

Untitled [rauschen]