Lilian Polosek

Blau machen


“Blau machen” is a German phrase that describes a period of time in which one spontaneously frees oneself from actual tasks and duties without a “valid” reason. I didn’t want to withhold this term from objects and places in our daily life, considering what they do for us. “Blau machen” describes the absence of people, the silence that remains and a consequent possible sympathy with the useful objects in our environment.


Lilian Polosek, interdisciplinary artist *1991, Munich. My early interest in analogue photography led me away from arbitrariness and towards contemplative states, which set up the basis for my artistic work.




Untitled [Series: Blau machen], 2019, Virgo

Untitled [Series: Blau machen], 2019, Toskana

Untitled [Series: Blau machen], 2018, Berlin