Margo Merk

Mensch und Raum


I chose film photography to realize my concepts. In this case double exposure was used and the overlapping of the photographs happened randomly. For me film is something sacred, you never know what the result will be, especially with double exposures. The triptych shows the image of the girl combined with the image of the church. There is a whole new rethinking. I tried not to invent a story here, but to tell about a real person who is close to me. This girl is an artist and most of her art has to do with religion. For me, her space is the church. I wanted to explore the relationship between a certain space and a real person.


My name is Margo. I was born in Russia in 1996, but I have been living in Vienna for 7 years. At the moment I am graduating in art history and I am looking for an expression of myself as an artist.



Untitled, 2020, Wien

Untitled, 2020, Wien

Untitled, 2020, Wien