Megan Auer

Das Gelbe Vom Ei

In order to fulfill the needs of all living beings on our planet, a sustainable, environmentally friendly as well as lucrative agriculture is the monumental basis. However, today’s production of our food is aimed at a maximum profit for large companies. The enormous effects caused by this form of agriculture and consumption are shown every day in our increasingly extreme climate and its consequences. Furthermore, the current food production brings farmers to their subsistence level. The work shows images of small farms that take a sustainable approach to animals, humans and nature. It is a tribute to a humane, nature-loving way of food production, with a dark undertone, as we are on the verge of losing it.



Megan Auer grew up close to the Alps. Her childhood was fulfilled of exploring nature, where she still draws her main inspiration from. After studying at Lette Verein Berlin photography, she is going to continue her artistic studies at HFBK Hamburg.


Huhn [Das Gelbe Vom Ei], 2020, Graben, Bayern

Ruth [Das Gelbe Vom Ei], 2021, Graben, Bayern

Kuhrücken [Das Gelbe Vom Ei], 2021, Uri, Schweiz