Muhassad Al-Ani



Imad is the absence of home, its failed concept and physical distance to an emotional construct. Visualized through abstract poses and archival photographs of my father and his deceased identical twin brother, it explores the relationship between the physical environment of a man in a foreign family and the memory of home. Today I see Imad, representative of many families displaced from their homeland by war and living in the diaspora. While working on this project, I began to understand how deeply hidden the roots of trauma can be. What forms pain can take and how war can reach and affect people thousands of miles away.


Muhassad Al-Ani, born 1989 and raised in Vienna, Austria. Since 2016 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, class for Applied Photography & Time-based Media.

The exhibition of the artist takes place within the cooperation of OFF GRID and COPE.


Untitled [Series: Imad]

Untitled [Series: Imad]