Thomas Steineder

Inaccurate Model


The “Inaccurate Model” deals with the collision of perception and experience on a picture plane. In which I mix digital and analog painting before and after the capture of an image, image carriers are created, which tell of emotion and consciousness. The experience as an experience including processing and cognition as a transformation of information, occupy me here, from being to becoming and passing, in different phases between past and future as situations that meet in the moment of photography. An experience thought and emotion line, which comes to light on the image carrier. These perceptual studies magnify emotions in photographic and painterly space, before and after pressing the shutter release, they layer and condense a feeling.


Steineder’s works represent an associative survey of his surroundings – at the intersection of painting, sculpture and performance, analogue photographs are created that deal with the perception of everyday spaces, rituals and situations and, in a multi-layered process of transformation and translation of the medium, link up with collective memories.

2014-19 University of Applied Arts Vienna
2012-14 Die Graphische Vienna



Introspection I, 2020

Introspection II, 2020

Fading, 2020