Enter KENTA! – Verena Blöchl, Matthias K. Heschl, Janina Kepczynski, David Schermann

From flyer to photo exhibition: “Excuse the direct question: Do you perhaps know who owns the former KENTA shop on the ground floor? Greetings from the neighboring balcony” Where once Bulgarian food was offered for sale, a selection of artistic positions is presented for the festival. Action period: four days. Exchange possible. On display are photographic works by Verena Blöchl, Matthias K. Heschl and David Schermann as well as illustrations by Janina Kepczynski.


Brunnengasse 28, 1160 Wien

Opening: 09.09.2021, 17:00

Exhibition period: 09.-12.09.2021, Do+Fr 15:00-19:00, Sa+So 11:00-19:00

“Fill me!”, says the alley pub and stretches out its tentacles: On the occasion of OFF GRID, a former barbershop with subsequent retail use (focus: Bulgarian, impression: Pan-African) is revived in the form of a temporary vacancy occupation.


KENTA © STUDIO 1f.-Matthias K. Heschl