Some days are diamonds – Helena Wimmer

“I accompany people for a whole day with the camera: in everyday life, before a performance performance, while traveling, at home. I document morning routines, eating habits, encounters and, last but not least, the surroundings. The happens partly in dialogue, partly from a silent observer role. observer role. I am interested in unusual life worlds: for example, of people who are in the public eye, or people whose concepts of life are differ strongly from socially prescribed patterns. The pictures are an emotional voyage of discovery, an interested study of others, who allow themselves to be observed by me.” Photo-documentary everyday images, a day together: an intense constellation, granted intimacy and the Camera as justification. What is special is the closeness that immediately arises – a an honesty that can only be between strangers. In the very personal the poetry of everyday life is condensed in the very personal snapshots. Banal actions seem intimate, the camera remains even when you actually want to look away. would like to look away. The viewer reveals him/herself in all his/her private vulnerability. vulnerability: sometimes in conscious contact with the camera – driven by a desire to tell joy of pointing – sometimes in the matter-of-course routine, quietly observed, a snapshot. observed, a snapshot. Irritating openness in the midst of the omnipresent self-portrayal. Different realities of life are shown. Besides the portrayed themselves, the photographic works also focus on their surroundings. works. The rooms, the things, the details – they make the photographs into documents of They make the photographs into documents of time, and allow conclusions to be drawn about belonging and life’s dreams. Personality becomes intuitively graspable. The rough, coarse-grained black-and-white photographs are inspired by the punk photography of the 1970s. The deliberate renunciation of technical perfection is declared a stylistic device, allows spontaneity and illustrates the immediacy of the moment. In narrative image sequences, this impression of closeness and touchability is condensed.

Exhibition period: 09.09.-31.10.2021, daily,  all day long

Info Schaufenstergalerie:

The showcase gallery was created as a reaction to the Covid19-related closures in the art field. The 25 shop windows of an orphaned art nouveau façade in the middle of the 7th district were transformed into exhibition spaces that can be visited around the clock.



Helena Wimmer