ZIMMER Concept to Work

“Observations on cautiousness” – Theresa Wey

“Observations on cautiousness” is the name of the first solo exhibition of the artist and photographer Theresa Wey and also at the same time the title of her photographic long-term project – photographers taking pictures. In the context of the exhibition in the “ZIMMER” she shows pictures from this series for the first time and also otherwise the works of the artist can be described as “careful”. The focus of her artistic interest is on people and encounters. In her analog photographs she strives for immediacy and simplicity. In doing so, she embarks on a search for those universal human truths that can be sensed more than comprehended. The portrait plays a special role in her work. She understands it as a “testimony of encounter”, as the result of “pausing together”.

Opening: 11.09.2021, 17:00-22:00

Exhibition period: 11.09.-31.10.2021, So 12.09. 10:00-20:00, Mo.-Do., 10:00-18:30


Piaristengasse 6-8, 1080 Wien

Modern work. Timeless design. Sustainability. Located in Vienna’s 8th district, a place that combines this in the form of a showroom and workspace area has been created. Timeless design meets modern interior. On 400 m² you will find extensive space for workshops, meetings, pop-up stores, exhibitions, etc. The study with 16 seats offers an optimal atmosphere for working, which is further enhanced by the stylish and representative living room and dining room.




Theresa Wey - Im Nest, 2019